Wednesday, April 1, 2009

While everyone else seems to be spring-ing around we step hesitantly into this new season. It's not the weather that we're not looking forward to, the sunshine is awfully nice. It's all these decisions and changes that we're facing. Jobs are more precarious than ever (I should have mentioned in January that the restaurant closed so I'm down to just one job), the taxes did not turn out as we had hoped, and that house we just bought is still sitting empty, waiting for tenants. Timing for the move is up in the air, as is the whole publishing industry that I'll be aligning myself with through that move; it feels like we make a new game plan every week. Everything is contingent. Our ideas and applications are all over the place but the waiting is the hardest part. All that's to say, no answers yet - I wish there were. Until it all becomes clear we'll be here still, making the most of croquet and the horse races, and the Chesapeake for (hopefully) one last summer.


Melanie said...

Brian is sitting here moaning for you - he hates indecision in life.

I'm sorry for you too; but I also get excited about the possibilities. You should move to Boston! But Boise's probably more likely, huh?

lyssa said...

hang in there, kiddo! Where do you guys plan on ultimately ending up? Cuz speaking of unsold houses...I've got one in Boise I'll make ya a deal on!

Billi London-Gray said... decisions. I'm a pro at not making those.