Saturday, April 18, 2009

Croquet Day 1 - Annapolis Johnnies vs. Santa Fe Johnnies

The day began with Caramel Baked French Toast and Mimosas.

We stuffed fifteen friends into our little place - the record so far. 

Rowan let Valerie hold him for about 5 seconds, another record. 

Then we went to St. John's.

This is what I wore. 

I loved this feathery thing. 

Ro frolics among the wickets and beer cans.

Pickled Cinnamon Grapes with Mustard Seeds and Black Pepper (recipe coming soon).

Our picnic basket. 

Rowan explores the campus. 

Val watches the match. 

And the day ends, as many good days do, with poker night. 

P.S. Annapolis beat Santa Fe.


Billi London-Gray said...

O! The yearning! Sniffle, sniffle...

sufferingsummer said...

oh this just looks like so much fun! Indy has the same feathery flower...though hers is hot pink, of course, and she wears it round her waist;)
Can't wait to see day 2!

Dad said...

Of course Annapolis has a veteran squad that represented the school for what...200 years perhaps? No wonder they beat the newcomers from Santa Fe. But how did they do against the cadets who have been playing perhaps every bit as long as have the Johnnies?

Trespasser said...

My sisters are two of the most beautiful women I've ever seen! Is that Everett in one picture? Please say hi.

meg said...

you look so glorious. I like your feathery thing too. And I would also like your recipe.

Jessica T. said...

The pictures are great! Miss you all so much! Who knows, maybe we'll be moved out your direction this time next year...