Tuesday, November 16, 2010

DC Weekends

These photos are two weeks old now but it was such a fun weekend that I can't let them just sit in a folder somewhere. We visit Capitol Hill quite a bit now, and it makes for a pretty convenient home base for fun activities such as the beautiful Eastern Market and rallies!

We've actually been to the Eastern Market a few weekends in a row - and since we have our CSA we're usually all stocked up on produce so it's kind of torture to pass this stuff up. We do take advantage of the wonderful cheese booth (we got limburger to try for the first time and it smells like death but if you plug your nose it's delicious) and a great artisan meat booth (we picked up sage and white wine flavored rabbit sausages that were amazing).

We headed in to DC super early to beat the rally crowds and we were so glad that we did. The city was just a zoo. Yay fall.

We keep getting ornamental squash like these in our CSA, they now cover half of our dining room table because we don't really have room for extra ornaments in our apt. I'm considering the time consuming task of cutting them up, tiny as they are, and cooking them because it's getting absurd but I don't want to just throw them away.
After crepes and coffee at the market we joined the stream of people headed down to Colbert/Stewart Rally to Restore Fear and/or Sanity.

I don't really like to talk politics since it seems to bring out the uncivilized side of people and this was a rally for people like me. It was humorous, and just the right kind of serious - acknowledging that we can all have our own strong opinions and still truly be nice to each other and have a discussion - no need for the biting sarcasm and extreme partisanship and complete ineffectualness that characterizes the two political parties. It was an inspiring afternoon for me and a wonderful event to be a part of. My brother phrased it well when he saw the photos, "It’s fascinating to examine my gut reaction to any photo where someone is waving a sign – instantly defensive – and then to read the signs and have that feeling unknot." And I'm already feeling more politically vulnerable than I like with just those few sentences so I'll leave the rest of the rally description to the photos (If you don't like politics either, even ones advocating moderation, then scroll all the way to the bottom for a glimpse of the Tooth Fairy).

The day after the rally was Halloween and we got completely cuted out with all the kids and their sweet costumes at a party on the Eastern Shore. This was the only photo I snagged before dark, the prettiest little Tooth Fairy I've ever seen.