Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Croquet Day 2: St. John's College vs. USNA

It was sunny and perfect and beautiful.

Everyone looked perfect and beautiful.

Dave will kill me for this, but doesn't he look swell?

These guys looked swell too.

Everyone looked swell.

Everyone danced to the Navy Band.

There were a whole lot of people there (the view from our blanket).

This family moved to Annapolis on Thursday. That lady in yellow has a house chock full of boxes, a one year old in her arms, twins in her belly, and she still managed to look like a diva and pack a major picnic and come to croquet. She's the best.

Rowan and Sonora worked on sharing.

Our blanket minus the men (off smoking?).

Last year's shirts still express the general sentiment.

The navy strategy every year is to 'Stay sober longer than the Johnnies.' And by sober they don't mean solemn.
The Johnnie costumes this year were chosen with their opponents in mind- they say the Middies are like Vikings because 'They come to our parties, drink our beer and steal our women.' Pictured here is the St. John's Imperial Wicket in all his glory.

This year, as usual, St. John's won (4-1).


Billi London-Gray said...

This proves that I make good life decisions. My school has vikings who play croquet. And can defeat the US Military while heavily intoxicated.

Dad said...

What a great post! And yes we all wish we were there for such a fun event. But there's at least one obvious yet unasked question...

JShaffer said...

A fabulous account of a fabulous day! Until last Sunday I had never even heard of an Imperial Wicket - this place is going to be fun! I am so glad that you are here for us to crash your picnics, ask your advice on wallpaper and fabrics,get copies of your wonderful pictures, become closer friends, and just generally have a rollicking good time!

Trespasser said...

In my next life, I'm going to create a time-machine and travel back to 25 years before these events and force my family to homestead east instead of north. We could be Annapolis new-money instead of Idaho no-money. In this life, I'm wishing I were with you. I think of all of you constantly. comitth

meg said...

The photo of you and Axon is my fav. And do I dare inquire about the gentleman next to the ever lovely Val?

Sarah said...

Dad, do you mean who won? I do address that at the very end of the post...Meg, that dapper guy with Val was a random bystander who didn't want his pic taken alone so he insisted Val pose with him.

meg said...

well, well, he is quite dapper and they do look swell standing there together...you sure he was "random"