Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Face of a Scapegoat

I believe I can claim that The Garmin Nuvi 350 GPS was the best Christmas present Zeb has ever received. One of those perfect (he would never have said he even wanted one but now that he has it he can't live without it) gifts. I'm pretty hooked too. The squabble caused by getting lost has sometimes made me wanna turn around and forget whatever adventure we were on. But now if we miss a turn (truth be told the Garmin is way more accurate than any Google Map ever was) we just blame it on Lola! In fact, we've taken to blaming a lot of things on Lola. We figure that's half of what she's there for. If the dishes aren't done - it's Lola's fault. If there are an odd number of socks Lola took one. If wine spills on important papers Lola did it. She has really saved us a lot of marital tension.
From what I can tell naming one's GPS is irresistible. In fact, here's a whole thread dedicated to what people have named their GPS's and why. A constant road-trip companion speaking to you in a soothing voice cannot remain anonymous. Our Lola was so named around January 2nd when Jon and Lisa took her out for an inaugural ride. They chose the 'Australian English Karen' voice and based on her sexy, playful, confident tone they decided Karen was a little too bland and they started calling her Lola instead. The name stuck. Imagine our surprise when we discovered this picture and interview with the actual Lola - she is every bit as sexy and amiable as she sounds.

I imagine this amused yet chastising look is the one she wears when she says 'Recalculating.'


Melanie said...

Too funny!

We met another west coast couple on Sunday who told us they never considered getting a GPS, but when they moved out here, they tried it and realized they couldn't live without it!!

Dad said...

I am amazed at the information that can be found on the internet. Depending on Google Maps I feel like something of a second class citizen...without a virtual friend to guide me along the way.

meg said...

oh my god, you can't even imagine how much I love this post. It is glorious.
She's a cheeky girl isn't she?

Valerie said...

The "recalculating" comment made me laugh a laugh to rival the creature's laugh.