Thursday, April 16, 2009

Croquet 2008

(Pretend it's one year ago when these pictures should have been posted.)
This is croquet.

It is one of the the biggest events of our little world. Most of Annapolis spends the day on the Great Lawn at St. John's College with large amounts of tea sandwiches and champagne.

The Naval Academy team plays St. John's College. Here is the USNA Imperial Wicket. The Navy boys are always very dashing.

The Johnnies change their costume every year except for the beer and bare feet. Last year, obviously, they were sailors.

I remembered to drag out these forgotten pictures from last year as I began making food for this year. One year ago this week I was making a million egg salad sandwiches for the Graduate Council Tent. This year I'm just making pepper cinnamon pickled grapes for the campers on my own picnic blanket.

The theme every year is 'Gatsby'. We start planning our dresses a year in advance. We start planning brunches months ahead. We start checking the weather ten days ahead. Old roommates and friends and alumni start arriving into town Friday night. Then we picnic hard all weekend.

This year the festivities will stretch over two days with the all new match Santa Fe Johnnies vs. Annapolis Johnnies on Saturday, then the traditional USNA vs. St. John's match on Sunday. We have a case of champagne, a living room full of air mattresses and a different feathered headband for every day. We are ready. (I won't wait a year to post pictures this time)


meg said...

This post it so die for, I'm actually very giddy that I don't have to wait a year for the next annual photographs.

This time you and yours, plus your food needs to be highlighted.

indiake said...

Wow! This is one of the coolest things I have seen for a long time. I'm so jealous...I love Croquet and wish I could watch in themed outfits while eating yummy things.