Friday, April 17, 2009

Me, Raw

Summer tagged me for a cruel, cruel meme. Take a picture of yourself right now, no extra primping. I figured I was off the hook since I'm at work and my camera is at home, but then I remembered I have a camera on my phone. So here ya go.

Two things: When your ears aren't level, how do you get glasses to look straight on your face instead of crooked? I always forget to look into this until I see a picture of myself. Any suggestions? I would also like to point out, in fact I am pointing out, the copier that is my constant workday companion and my loathed enemy. It screeches and eats paper. Every once in a while it makes a decent copy.
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Trespasser said...

I %100 knew you were going to tag me after the first sentence, and yet I couldn't bring myself to step back, look in the mirror, and make a few small adjustments before reading the last lines. I'll show you the result later today. It's a bit tragic owing to my nasal infection. linqnhyp

sufferingsummer said...


meg said...

oh dang you, so dang you. I'll post it now.