Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Solstice

It's hard to know what to blog without referencing the photography explosion that has taken over my little world. I thought summer would bring reading in the sun on the lawn and a re-do of the dining room and grinding my own flour and porch dinners with friends, but instead it's brought jobs, a different kind of blessing. In the last six weeks I've shot seven weddings as well as numerous other projects for The Sound in addition to my day job which I don't like to speak of. I don't want this blog to turn into a catalog of photography jobs, yet that's about all I have to show for myself right now. Another blog is in the works dedicated to photography work (though I might still show a few of my favorites here) but even though photography as a job depends on personal investment I want to figure out some boundaries, especially among my blogs. For now the personal is on hold a bit while I'm lucky enough to be working my tail off.
This weekend the boy and I are combining a wedding with a little second honeymoon of our own at a cabin in the Ohio hills. After I download the the photos I'm going to try to keep the computer off and spend a few days at a more quiet pace before diving back into July. I'm tired but it's good, it will all even out eventually so I'm trying to be as grateful for the busy as I will be someday for a lack of work if that's what life brings.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mr. Kutler

This is my favorite photo that I took this week, of one of my tutors for a new feature over at the Annapolis Sound.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Look Back at a Big Week

Tonight's drive home was spectacular in so many ways. There was the sunset, as seen here. And the fact that the boy and I, for the first time in our whole relationship, drove fast with the windows down and old Wilco blaring from the stereo. The fast and windows down part are nothing new, but until this week we've never had a working stereo so we usually drive to the tune of our own conversation. Which isn't bad at all. But nothing quite compares to the mood created by the music you love. Especially enhanced by a warm dusky evening on the Chesapeake Bay.

This week was big in some ways. I had a birthday, my 29th to be exact. And almost all my favorite (local) people came out to help me celebrate with a major fancy picnic. I didn't get a single photo, I just soaked it in. As I write I'm reliving it through leftovers - 'The Birthday Sequal: Birthday Harder' Zeb called it tonight - blue cheese, truffle honey, homemade bread, an olive assortment, rosemary olive oil cake and champagne.
A day later we hit 3 years of lucky in love, and we spent that day buying our first joint car, a traumatic, funny, and ultimately bonding experience that I can't imagine we'll top in terms of memorable anniversaries. We took breaks from the pushy salesmen to wine taste in Virginia, and ended up at a 10 pm dinner at Ceiba with our new ride.

Tonight, driving back from an Annapolis Sound job, in that new ride with the windows down and this sunset and those tunes and my husband of three years I felt my mind calm a bit, and remembered how good life is right now.