Thursday, September 2, 2010

Late Summer Camping

Even though school started back up for me again last week we took our last Summer vacation over the weekend. My dear friend Axon is a trooper, she was determined to not let seven months of pregnancy slow her down so she planned the whole trip and wrangled a toddler and braved the heat and cooked almost all the meals. Meals consisting of butter, bacon, steak with butter, potatoes with butter, french toast fried in butter, roasted salmon with Yummm Sauce and other such deliciousness. Gourmet camping would sum it up.
I have an absurd number of pictures of Ro, because he was in his element and just too cute. He was all boy and free spirit and couldn't get enough of the dirt, bugs and fire.

Look at that face! No matter how many times he got a cleaning he was covered in dirt minutes later.

These people were there too.

There were caterpillars constantly falling out of the trees, and Rowan loved them to death, usually literally.

This was our favorite - it reminded some of us of an Indian chief and some a Vegas showgirl.

Ro and I spent a lot of time collecting acorns.

We mostly just sat around the campsite reading in between meals, a few quick trips down to a little lake for Ro to play in the sand.

Hopefully we'll continue the tradition next year with the addition of a Parker (and any other friends who can join :)