Monday, April 26, 2010

Fried Eggs on Greens on Bread (Or Lunch, All Week)

Our CSA restarted last week and I've never been so happy to see Kale. I remember when we first started getting local greens a few years ago it was an adjustment, they were too flavorful. We joked that they just went out to a field and picked wild grass for our salad mixes, it tasted so potent and earthy. Now when we buy a bag of spinach and arugula from TJ's it just tastes like nothing to us. This winter break was hard, we dutifully bought vegetables from the grocery store but they were not fun to eat - all bland and kinda wilty. So yaaay for Maryland beet tops, and swiss chard and radishes! I am thankful for them.

Here's what we did with them all week - the greens (including the stems) are sauteed, or stewed, or braised somehow, then heaped over a slice of spongy bread, with parmesan sprinkled somewhere in there, and topped with eggs lightly fried in olive oil. I like the eggs over medium so that the runny yolk contributes to the whole delicious mess. We've fixed the greens several ways before but this recipe is my current favorite. The original idea came from, of course, Orangette. I don't love her boiled kale recipe as much as some others, but it's still great. If I don't have much time I just sautee cubed pancetta for 30 seconds, then throw in the greens and wilt them down with the fat and some salt, southern style. Any way you cook it the basic idea is a winner and now I can't wait for lunch today.


Axon L. Parker said...

And this is our dinner for at least one night this week:) Also, Rowan ate asparagus....and loved it. Also, tonight we are having rhubarb and rose water ice cream with oatmeal shortbread (after the roasted chicken and salad). Is there anything better than spring?

Melanie said...

This looks so yummy! I love the addition of the greens - I hadn't thought of that. I'm glad you found something to eat.

JShaffer said...

Sonora and I had this twice this week...scrumptious! A fabulous idea, yet again. Thanks!