Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wedding Season: Meg and Rafael

We are in full wedding mode now. Gearing up for another tomorrow, I realized I haven't even shown my favorite photos from the last!

This is my favorite photo from the whole day. My husband has insatiable tech lust, and the only way I can get him to second shoot for me is to buy him big fancy equipment, even though he doesn't really know what to do with it (yet). He had that flash on the camera all day, and used it, even though the room was gorgeously naturally lit. He likes to carry both my camera bag and his at once. And he always puts the hood on to make the lens look twice as long as it already is. It's so cute. It makes him feel like a stud. And he is.

As mentioned, the light in the lofty brick room where this breakfast wedding took place was just gorgeous. I loved all the colors it produced.

Meg and Rafael were so fun, I've hardly ever seen two people laugh more, and they wanted their wedding to be just a really low key, fun party and it was!

Yes, this was a breakfast wedding. These folks know how to party.

The food was amazing - gourmet brunchy/bar food. Red Star Bar and Grill. Go there.

They were so happy. I started crying during their ceremony, it was all just so beautiful and they were so darn giddy about getting married. I don't know when I became such a sap, wait, yes I do. It started when I couldn't stop bawling walking down my own aisle, I now always always cry when I go anywhere near a wedding. It's kind of ridiculous. During the ceremony Meg actually looked at me wiping a tear in the front row and laughed at me.

The pretty Baltimore Harbor will be making an appearance in quite a few photos this summer I think.

This group of women talked quite intensely about something for hours as general merriment surrounded them. I thought they were so cute.

And on to the next one!


sufferingsummer said...

these look great!
looks like you've fully figured that camera out ;)

Kari said...

Sarah, these are beautiful! And you're right, fabulous light.

Brian said...

I'm glad both you and Zeb have figured out what it takes to get his assistance!

macmahon7 said...

Sarah, these are beautiful photos--and a husband assistant--wow! Wonderful!