Monday, April 19, 2010

St. John's vs. Navy: Croquet 2010

It was quite something, as usual.

For those who don't know - every year St. John's College challenges the Naval Academy from across the street to pretty much the only sport that they can beat them at: croquet. This year the Johnnies won 5-0. But the sport is not really the point for most of us.

The event draws current students, alums from both schools and townies, this year over 2000 of them, to the Great Lawn at St. John's for an all day picnic with some croquet on the side. There is swing dancing, a Navy band, champagne, cigars and usually a first sunburn of the year. The dresscode is something like "Great Gatsby, seersucker, bowties, feathered hairpieces, and hats."

I was quite enamored with the boys' fashion this year. They really go all out.

Johnnie Boy vs. NavyBoy Style

Johnny vs. Navy Couples Style

Sonora couldn't get enough dancing.

The Navy team wears a traditional sporting uniform each year, only switching out their ties.

The Johnnies change outfits every year and it's a huge secret until the moment they walk out that door.

I'm not sure what these guys are called - "croquet caddies"? They stand around, one for each member of the navy croquet team, holding beer while the players take shots.


A pretty face and Mr. Franz...

Johnnie alums.

I made pickled grapes with mustard seeds, black pepper and cinnamon again.

Lucky Middie.

Happy Middies.

Nathan - mathemetician and gentleman hipster.

Another pretty faced Johnnie alum.

And a common scene toward the end of croquet day...

We're always so sad when croquet is over so the only thing to do is start shopping for next year's dress.


Tacy & Stephen said...

WOOOOO!!!! These are absolutely stunning! Very, very nice work.

Melanie said...

Great, great costumes (and for sure, the Johnnies win for style too!)! Thanks for sharing them with us!

Erin J. said...

Sarah, your photography is getting to be phenomenal! I love these photos. I wish you were going to be out here this summer, I would ask you to take some photos at our wedding. Any chance you're going to be on this coast July 23rd? ;)

Valerie said...

Love, love, love these photos. Wonderful job, wonderful day!

Danae said...

That looks like so much fun! And the pictures are fabulous!

Sarah said...

Erin - wow what a compliment from our very own favorite wedding photographer! Thank you! I wish wish we were going to be there for your wedding! I'm sure it will wonderful and I would probably cry :)

Julia said...

What a fun event to photograph! I would love to dress up for this.

Thanks for the visit on my blog, Sarah. How funny.. I grew up in Idaho as well. Now in Seattle for the past couple years. Always nice to meet a fellow Idahoan! Keep in touch.

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Steve CRQ said...

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