Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tonight Pt. 2: Desperate Measures

When a writer's block absolutely must be gotten through sometimes we revert to cheap white wine and homemade pate (yes! I made that pate! For about 5 hours last night!). I really mean business now.  I better think of nice things to say about the cacophony coming from my speakers before that whole Tupperware container of delicious fattening goodness is gone. 

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Trespasser said...

Here's the deal, and I have a hard time with it too. If you don't like it, you can't pretend in your review that you do. It's tempting, and we've been raised to see the positives, not harp on the negatives, but it's important that you're honest. Besides, any reviewer that only gives thumbs up (or sideways-ish) isn't worth a fig. Sometimes I say nasty things in my reviews just so people don't think I'm trying to be everyone's friend. You're never going to meet these people. Are you? inican