Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The New Year's Newsy Post

It's come and been gone almost a week now, but it was so fun and full of people that some people who read here might know that here, belated, are the pictures from New Year's. The last of the wonderful guests left yesterday morning, but there's another batch coming in tonight and the new year marches on. Proper reflective posts about what it holds are coming. But first.
Everyone, except her husband, in this picture is looking at the off-screen Melody who is, as usual, stealing the show with a lively story.

Later she stole all our money. Note the cheat sheet in front of her - she'd never played poker before. Grrr.

The rest of us consoled ourselves with wine and peppermint bark (thanks Keiko!)

He is not faking this, he really bowls, and bowls well, with this pose finishing every shot. We all stood in awe.

Note 2 things: 1) Lisa is holding a toddler and 2) Lisa's bowl is perfectly centered (2 seconds later there was a Strike) while holding a toddler.
It's not enough that she looks like Jane Seymour. She has to bowl like a superstar as well.
I failed to capture the ridiculously adorable toddler, Sonora, because she is a wiggly one. I couldn't stop taking pictures of her, so I have about a million, but they're all blurry as can be and she deserves better than blur. Certain events in Sonora's near future will ensure that I have a pretty good chance, or at least a lot of time to get the perfect picture of her, so someday she'll show up here in all her baby perfection.

And now, laundry.


Valerie said...

good post. cute pics. fun days. no capitalization.

Dad said...

Bowling, babies, poker, family and friends... What could be better. Wish we could have been there.

Trespasser said...

Je t'aime.

Trespasser said...

borsh, buntsu, dishrigh, ficlater. These are the words I'm asked to type to comment.

JShaffer said...

Awww thanks for posting! New Years with you was so fun! We love and miss you!