Monday, January 26, 2009

New Music: The Bird and The Bee

Out today is a new album from one of my recent favorites - The Bird and The Bee. I've danced my way through Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future approximately 43 times now in preparation for the review. Zeb got sick of it about two months ago around the twentieth run, but I still love it! This song, off an older album captures their style well.


Melanie said...

Have you told me about this group before? A Starbucks Christmas album I have has a track with them singing Carol of the Bells, which I absolutely love. When I looked at who the artist was, I felt like I had heard the name before.

Next time we visit, you have to share this cd with me.

Trespasser said...

Excellent review. The Bird and the Bee are my newest additions to a favorite category of mine - Groducers (Feel free to help me find a better term). It's one part girl vocalist, add a talented composer/producer, and BAM! Simple musical genius. It's great to see this group follow in the vein of Portishead, Goldfrapp, Everything But the Girl and to a lesser extent Over the Rhine. Gatic