Saturday, January 31, 2009

Music: The Viking Moses

I was tempted to just let the previously mentioned review fade into internet obscurity without a mention, because it is BAD. Not bad as in the band is bad (though I have some words about that), but bad as in when I read it over I think a fifteen year old wrote it (no offense Anna, you're sixteen anyway), and then I remember it was me. But that wouldn't be very honest of me here, to not mention it, so I'm pointing you to it, if you care, in all its embarrassing glory. I got fed up, and time was up, and even though I was still reading sentences going 'What are you even talking about?' I went ahead and pushed go. The thing is, I didn't mind the music so much, I actually like the guy's voice, but other elements of the album overshadowed the musical strengths and left me with the overal...oh geez. I'm summing up just as poorly here as I did in the actual review. Enough of that.

I'm done doing music reviews though. I love music but I'm tired of trying to vary this theme; 'The lyrics delicately walk a tightrope, balancing between cliche and obscure...' I write that sentence for just about every review and have to stop and say 'Seriously? That's all you can come up with?' It's HARD. I've used every synonym for 'vocals' and 'lyrics' that provides. I'd rather do something easy. So I'm solely book reviews from now on. And there are some really good ones coming up.

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