Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Favorite Things: Thayers Slippery Elm Lozenges

These guys saved me this week. Most lozenges just coat the throat with a minty slick, but Slippery Elm actually reduces the inflammation of a sore throat, so when it feels better it actually is better. Sweetened with Maple Sugar instead of HFC, and a cute box, there are lots of things to love about these lozenges. (Available at Whole Foods and many other places)


Melanie said...

Hmm - do they taste good? When I was a kid, I took tons of slippery elm. My great-grandma was a huge believer; her house smelled like slippery elm. I remember those lozenges having a very distinct flavor - almost nasty until you got used to it - but I haven't had one in years.

Sarah said...

Mel, they taste more like Maple Syrup than anything else, I think they're tasty :)

Valerie said...

Hey, didn't we used to have slippery elm tea when we got sick? The box alone is worth getting a cold for. Well, maybe not quite, but it's close!