Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Honfest 2009

When the Parkers decided to move to Baltimore they exhaustively researched every neighborhood before they decided on colorful Hampden. They immediately felt at home. Hampden is traditionally a very working class neighborhood but hipsters and yuppies have moved in and the together they form a delightful mishmash of genuine Baltimore. Last weekend we caught the best of it all at the HonFest.

The Honfest or Hampden Festival has something to do with honoring Hampden's roots with outrageous sixties housewife style costume (former Hon Queen on the left). There are also bands and sidewalk flea markets and funnel cakes and all that.

These Hons sang in four part harmony.

They set up Glamour Tents where anyone could get a beehive 'do.

You're supposed to say 'Hon' (short for 'Honey') after everything.

Like: I said 'Thanks for letting me take your picture.' She said 'Sure thing, hon.'

The guys don't get costumes. They just get burritos and beer. They were OK with that.


AC Siapno said...

OMG - As a former HON I have to say that I love love love this post. Thanks for making me miss home, hon!

sufferingsummer said...

this is pretty much 10 different kinds of awesome. I particularly like the bee hive picture.

Axon said...

Nice job Sarah! Y"ou summed it up perfectly....good thing we have you around to document our lives and make it sound (and look) cool!

JShaffer said...

So fun! I think you totally should have gotten a beehive!

meg said...

this looks like so much fun, what a blast, hon.

(I couldn't resist. Cheesy I know)