Saturday, May 30, 2009

Strawberry Tomato Gazpacho

For Dinner Tonight:

1 # Fresh Strawberries
1 # Fresh Tomatoes
4 oz. Olive Oil
4 T Balsamic Vinegar
A Handfull of Basil Leaves.

Puree. Chill. Serve. 

( For variations add raw garlic, a few slivers of onion, some salt, substitute sherry vinegar, add a cucumber). 

This is delicious and rich, perhaps serve as an appetizer. It's perfect with a dry rosé.


Billi London-Gray said...

Then wash your face with the leftovers!

Valerie said...

Oh my gosh, it was amazing. I mean, amazing.

Melanie said...

If you want to make this for me sometime, I'll try it. But "strawberries and tomatoes" ... it's just not sounding good to me.

Dad said...

You'll want to know that I made a wonderful dinner for Gary and Jon and Ben this last Saturday when they came in from the coast. BBQ Pork Ribs. That's it. Nothing more needed. Salad and bread are highly overrated.

Sarah said...

Oh ha ha Billi, you're funny. Maybe I will. Melanie, it really was good, really, I know it sounds weird. Dad, good job, all you really need is meat.

meg said...

I can't wait for the garden to give me tomatoes and strawberries so I can eat some of this.