Friday, May 8, 2009


The water became our friend, not our enemy. 

Crab season opened.

It's been sunny with just a hint of muggy.

He's been wearing his cap in a way I sure like. 

Spring is going well here. 


Melanie said...

We love those magnolia trees!

Trespasser said...

I've started a weekly group called "Fishmeat n' Greet" where we get fish n' chips from this truck in a parking lot. I wore my crusty seadog outfit today with my beanie just like Zeb's. Connectivity. manisces

Billi London-Gray said...

Keep rockin' the beanie, Zeb!

Our "hint of muggy" in Dallas went to "obvious declaration of muggy" last week. But now it is nice and humidly cool again. Very unusual. I blame global cooling, since I can no longer blame the ghosts of colonial forefathers for cool spots.