Monday, February 23, 2009


Such goodness in the mail today.


Melanie said...

Ooh! Mine didn't come today! Oh - this is probably your advance copy, huh? How is it? Does it have pictures?

Tacy & Stephen said...

it looks like you have some nice links here and on your blogroll (or whatever it should be called), to the right. i want to sit down sometime and check them all out.

also, i love your recent photos. when the weather is nice we should go to the farmer's market. you can take cool photos of veggies and flowers. (in the mean time the pa. dutch amish market is cool if you ever want a ride).

and if you're anticipating any more business trips for zeb, give me a call. we can get out sans my kid. :0) philly was a fun day. did you ever put the photos you took from that day on flickr or the blog?

Sarah said...

Mel, you're right, it's my review copy, no photos but illustrations by Camilla Engman. I'm not letting myself start it until I've finished all my other reviews :) Yours is coming to my house in a few weeks (combined shipping), do you want me to bring it to the book signing in March?
Tacy, I can't wait for the farmers market to start up again, it would be fun to go together, maybe we can make a weekly date of it. I never did post the photos from Philly, I might still... Zeb has another business trip next month so I'd absolutely love to do something, Val's been wanting to try drinks at Tsunami?