Thursday, February 12, 2009

Life Without Zeb: Night 2

Zeb did not leave me. In case that was not clear. He is away on a business trip, leaving me home alone for the first time. Contrary to my expectations, I've been fine (sorry love, it doesn't mean I wasn't missing you!) Last night at happy hour with co-workers, sister, and Parkers I wished he were there, but I remembered how to act in public without him. After that was a peaceful girl night involving Brie and Sarah Jessica Parker, and I slept very well. I remembered how to make my own coffee this morning. I had a good day. I began to wonder if I am completely insensitive (or is it independent?). Could it be that I can live, at least for a few days, without him?
Then there was a mouse in the kitchen. I'm completely undone. It wasn't a scampering mouse as afraid of me as I am of him, he absolutely meandered past me, in no hurry to keep his cover. I think his little mouse eye winked at my horrified face staring down at him. Now I'm trapped in the dining room with a heart rate sky high, and my dinner is burning in the oven. All of a sudden I miss Zeb so much that I could cry. Tonight I had great plans to clean my whole house, write the great American novel, and do yoga. Instead I think I'll huddle in the furthest corner from the kitchen, which is my bed. Come home soon my boy. 


Marianne Elixir said...

This was a lovely explanation of why women without husbands have cats =) Of course, I have a husband AND two cats....but you just can't beat them for keeping spiders and mice away.

I hope your man comes home soon (and I think a great American novel could be written in bed).

Valerie said...

Sorry to say it, but I laughed rather like the creature upon reading, "then there was a mouse." Was that when you called me to see if I wanted to go out?

Sarah said...

Val, yes, yes it was.

Mm said...

Like Valerie I found a loud chortle escaped from somewhere when I read about the mouse... but then, how did I ever raise girls (or a girl) who cannot withstand a rodent or two? What does it take? It's not like you did not experience life in the wild --- remember the Mayan mountains of Ecuador and things that move in the night on Mt Kili? (BTW I found your walking stick during the move: " I heve heke Mt Kili" Eeeks.

meg said...

i freaking love this post.