Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Life Without Zeb: Night 1

Kicking and screamingly (or at least whiningly) giving up on the vow that we will be the next John Lennon and Yoko Ono and never spend a night apart.
Trying to re-create, tonight, a certain kind of night that I used to have often, pre-Z. A night with just me alone in my shadowy apartment, candles lit, Over the Rhine playing something melancholy, cheese melted over bread, and a movie watched all cuddled up in a big soft chair. I was lonely, those nights, but I loved them too. It was a beautiful, aware, purposeful lonely, probably better called solitude. I'm alone tonight. I suppose it's my choice whether tonight will end in beautiful solitude or just plain old loneliness.


Melanie said...

It's good to have something to miss.

Trespasser said...

I love what you said, and I LOVE what Mel said. There's beauty in learning to appreciate both togetherness and solitude. Is it the essence of faith that we grow in aloneness with God and in the community of the Saints? bugsb