Friday, August 20, 2010

A Winner

A winner. I found myself saying that phrase at least four times tonight in regards to this sandwich. We've had a bit of an eggplant explosion lately in our CSA. Unfortunately the boy isn't a fan of the eggplant. I've tried eggplant ragu with smoked mozzarella, disguising it on pizza with peppers and onions and he can still always pick it out. But this, this is a winner. Zeb said it's a 'wonderful combination of flavors' as he gobbled it down, my sister kept groaning which I know is a good thing. I want to eat it for breakfast. It's a winner.

Eggplant, Mozzarella, Prosciutto Sandwich

Not much to direct here.
Just slice the eggplant thin and grill it first (so that it's not mushy). Spread butter on pieces of bread and layer mozzarella, a slice and a half of proscuitto (not to overwhelm the other flavors) and the eggplant slices on the bread, top it with another buttered piece of bread and grill the whole thing.


Julia said...

Eggplant never sounded/looked so good. I believe you about the winner part.

Axon L. Parker said...

Maybe this could be camping food!

Jen said...

I knew the eggplants were calling my name yesterday at the farmer's market ... I just didn't know why! Shoot. Guess I'll have to wait until next week. Or maybe next week I should check your blog before I go :)

Jen said...

Oh, and smittenkitchen posted an eggplant salad toast recipe yesterday. I thought it looked good. Maybe you and the boy might like it?

Melanie said...

Is it the taste or texture Zeb doesn't like? I've chopped up eggplant in ratatoulle, which I then used as a lasagna sauce, and Brian said he liked it.

This looks good - thanks!

Molly said...

This sounds yummy. I'm always looking for new ways to gobble up eggplant, it's a favorite of mine.