Monday, August 2, 2010


This is probably only of interest to Annapolitans, but the Annapolis Market House has become a real symbol of local government corruption and inefficiency. The Annapolis Sound has been covering the current saga and I did a photo essay on the all but abandoned market - you can see it here. This photo didn't get included but I love it. This gent's name is Tony, and he told me he lives on a bench outside The Market House. He also told me that if I sell this photo he would like a 10% commission and to be my agent. I told him I'll work on it.


Melanie said...

He sounds like a character! That is a great portrait - it looks like he has a story to tell (and he doesn't mind how long it will take!)

tacy said...

They need to get one of your photos in the annapolis sound header permanently. it looks so good on the homepage.

JShaffer said...

Man, you're good.