Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Fashion: Day 2 - It's Still Raining

I forgot to smile. Tuesday is actually my favorite day of the week though you wouldn't know it from my face.
A few months ago when I Facebooked that I bought-formal-high-waisted-shorts-and-what-would-the-Fug-Girls-think Summer asked me how I'm wearing the shorts since she just bought a pair too. I forgot to get back to her until now. This is how I wear them.
Tank: Old Navy clearance
Sweater: TJ Maxx ten years ago?
Shorts: Anthropologie clearance
Cable knit leggings: Target
Cowboy Boots: Thrifted in Idaho

Click here for the hub of blog fashion week.


Billi London-Gray said...

I love the boots! I'll be wearing mine tomorrow, I think. You always look great, Sara.

Andrea June said...

LOVE, love love your boots! Hooray for spring fashion week :)

Charlotte said...

I actually think my favorite part of this outfit is your tights.
a) I love gray.
b) I love texture.

I want to get into wearing tights, but don't know how...?

Tiffany Ann said...

you are workin those boots! Love the whole outfit!

jilian dee said...

ohhh i love this! i never wear color and think that my pieces are bland bc of it but you have proved me wrong, simply gorgeous

Katy said...

love this outfit!!!! adorable! the boots are amazing!

Rachael said...

This outfit is so classy!

Laura said...

the shorts are RIDICULOUS and i ADORE them. i need some shorts to dress up like this - wow! nice work!

sufferingsummer said...

this looks exactly like I wore mine except that I'm way less monochromatic and can't tuck my shirt in...but that has less to do with style and more to do with two babies.
I love this look on you. Those tights are fantastic and I don't think I've seen the hair cut before fashion week! fun :)

Molly said...

You've inspired me to try high wasted shorts.
This look is fantastic