Monday, March 8, 2010

Lentil Loaf

Not that it's gourmet in the slightest, but it is good, I posted the recipe for our favorite Lentil Loaf over at The Gutenberg Gourmet.


Billi London-Gray said...

What is wonderful about bean loaves is that you can pretty much mix anything together and it will come out delicious. I have a recipe that calls for baby lima beans, green peppers, chopped cashews, and crushed cornflakes on top (in addition to eggs, cheese, rice and spices) - it's delicious too. I'm going to try this with the Greek yogurt and cumin. Yum!

Also, I tried to post this comment on the Gutenberg Gourmet, but it wouldn't go to the word verification step, and I don't think it posted. I just wanted you to know that I read it.

Melanie said...

Neither the picture nor the list of ingredients is doing much for my imagination, but you know I trust you when it comes to food. So, given that I have all these items in my pantry, maybe I'll give it a try for one of my work-lunches. Mabye.

Jen said...

Do you have to pre-cook the lentils if you sprout them?