Thursday, February 18, 2010


'To recognize reason as the rose in the cross of the present and thereby to enjoy the present, this is the rational insight which reconciles us to the actual...There is less chill in the peace with the world which knowledge supplies.'
- G.W.F. Hegel, Philosophy of Right

I start out so well, reading every sentence carefully and underlining and making my notes in the margins and I feel like I might actually be understanding it. Then I realize I've only read two pages in an hour and I have 18 pages to go and far less than 9 hours in which to do it. Should I skim the rest (guaranteeing I have nothing more than 'huh?' to say in class)? Or should I wake up at 4 am (guaranteeing I'm too exhausted to contribute to class)? Or should I become overwhelmed and watch a movie instead of it all? These are the truly great and timeless questions that my studies make me wrestle with.


Jen said...

I cannot fathom what you're doing right now, but I can definitely relate to the moment when you have to decide what to do from what feels like not very good options. I bet if you made a visit to Eugene you would get reinvigorated enough to read all night! :)

Dad said...


indiake said...

I know I'm a bit late but I would say skim while watching the movie :-)

Anonymous said...

Hegel. Everytime, all the time.