Monday, October 26, 2009

Twins at 2 Months

We spent a lovely weekend in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and while I had every intention of finishing Fashion Week with a picture early Saturday morning and late Sunday night, it was just a little too much. Besides, so many pictures of me was freaking me out. I'd rather look at babies.
Specifically Mia.

Or Mia and me.

And that's the end of Mia because Honnah proved herself more cooperative that night.

Mia's not quite smiling yet but Honnah sure is.

Man oh man, they just melt me.

1 comment:

sufferingsummer said...

what cuties!
not gonna lie...I'm a tad disappointed you didn't finish out the week...I'll go cry myself to sleep now and pray that next season you will do 7 days!