Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Craigslist Outdoes Itself

As I've mentioned, many times, most of my home was furnished through Craigslist. Many of my Craigslist finds have been cheap and essential, such as a dining room table, but until this weekend my favorite find was this antique cabinet that we now use as a linen closet. It was free. Every time I look at it I feel lucky all over again.
Until this weekend when I begged, twisted arms, inconvenienced multiple parties and scored 3 citrus trees. For free.

One bitter orange (seen here), one lime, and one lemon. A citrus tree, just one, has been on my Christmas list for years, and here were three five year old, dwarf trees for the taking on Craigslist. I could hardly sleep I was so excited.

Those are oranges growing in my dining room. They are miniature and tarrrt. Try one when you come over. My sister had to drive 2 hours to go get them (why my sister was involved is part of the twisting arms part - she was such a good sport). She drove Lisa's truck, so Lisa got the lemon tree by way of reimbursement.

That lime? That is growing in my living room, and will be plunked into a frosty gin and tonic this weekend when its fully ripe. Its friends will be made into salsa and mexican chicken soup. And more gin and tonics.

Here's another baby lime on the way. Now the trick will be, of course, to keep them alive. Given my track record with plants that will be difficult. I'm super motivated about these, I'm reading (thanks Aunt Mimi) and everything. But if anyone has any experience or tips please help me out.


Marianne Elixir said...

Amazing, amazing, amazing.

The begging and arm twisting was worth it!

I **almost** caught a free antique, fully functioning loom last week. I nearly died.

Melanie said...

Wow, Sarah. AMAZING. I am so excited for you!

I guess I should look on craigslist more often. A car to pick things up in would help, though (do you ever seen those being given away?) :)

Tacy & Stephen said...

I have to admit.... I'm jealous of your finds!!!!

meg said...

outstanding! Seriously, keep those babies alive. Why were they giving them away?

Sarah said...

Mel - I do see cars being given away, they're usually not running though!
Meg - The owners were moving too far, the trees wouldn't survive the shock! Lucky us!

meg said...

again, wow.

Daniel said...

Mint, lime and rum can't be beat. Speaking of which, how's that mint doing? Or should I ask?

Billi London-Gray said...

Yum! Good hunting. Could you find me an interesting job and a cheap hunk of land outside of Austin on Craigslist?

By the way, the desert is AMAZING! Wish you guys were here, too.