Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Last Weekend of Summer

Last weekend felt like a last hurrah of sorts as the Julians came down for their summer visit before school starts for some of us (more on that later). So we went peach picking.

We had in mind jam made in our bread machines, and the peaches in wine that's on the menu at Delancey, and mascarpone stuffed french toast with peach syrup, and learning to can. Such summery things.

The boys did much more than stand around holding baskets and bags, but this picture was too cute with all their goofy, deadpan and quizzical expressions.

After two baskets of peaches, a not very glamorous amount of sweat, some peach cider and farm-made ice cream, we headed to Naylor Winery in Pensylvania for an expansive tasting and a picnic by the vineyard.
The next day, after our requisite tour of Baltimore, especially the ghetto, we opened some apple wine and set to canning. Melanie was the experienced teacher and she assured us Botulism isn't nearly the threat Zeb fears it is.
While we canned the boys did this:
Brian was busy taking pictures of us.
Rowan begins to perfect Zeb's carefully taught 'Mad Face.'

I tried not to think too much about things like 'last free weekend' and 'summer's almost over' because that would make me panic and forget to enjoy myself. I, of course, feel like summer just got started even though it has been rather full and wonderful. The only thing that consoles me is remembering how much I like fall, and that there will be another summer before we know it.


Dad said...

Indeed, I can't believe the summer is over already. On the schedule is a trip to Waldo Lake where our friends are camping and, news flash, I might even camp overnight. But there won't be any peach trees to be found anywhere. Sounds like a great time with everyone.

Melanie said...

We too are thinking that surely summer can't be ending yet.

You got a great picture of us canning! Mine didn't turn out nearly so, well, but I'm planning to put it up tonight anyway.

meg said...