Monday, August 10, 2009


A little while ago Summer posted a mosaic of photos from her home and challenged others to do the same. You've seen corners of my home before but here are more (I'm back to my Fuji FinePix with these, though there are more of the Canon photos coming soon).

I really love our home right now. We've been about to move for years now and all of a sudden we've decided to stay for a while. So I got out some pictures I'd been saving and I hung them, I got a magic eraser to at least scrub the scuff marks off the dingy walls, and I'm even thinking of doing some re-grouting in the moldy shower. This has been the only home the two of us have made together so far, and the day we give it up will be, in some ways, a close to this first stage of our lives. So I'm glad to stay for now. The whole house and all the furniture lean toward the East, the sea, and when the weather changes the building smells like mildew or cats, depending on the season. The wood floor has a few several inch holes (into which I've been known to sweep the dust pile) and they say that George Washington slept here. There are tall ceilings and huge windows and for those I can forgive the lack of dishwasher, air conditioning, hot water in the shower, laundry, and the leak in the roof. Everything we own was gathered for these specific rooms so it feels like this little apartment has had more say in shaping our 'home' than I have. At any rate, it's my favorite place in the world, as long as the boy's here, and we're settling in.

(Please, others, share corners of your home? Summer pointed me to Big Huge Labs to make the mosaic, so fun!)


Melanie said...

I heartily recommend new grout in the bathroom - it makes the bathroom feel CLEAN!

Sarah said...

I must point anyone who is interested to Billi, who took up the challenge and posted her own home mosaic:

Billi London-Gray said...

Love that photo of the books. The lighting - how it looks vignetted - is lovely. And thanks for the challenge.

Billi London-Gray said...

Oh, by the way, I meant to tell you this a few weeks ago: I met the creator of Blog Critic. Philip Winn. Actually, I met him a long time ago because he is my brother-in-law's best friend, but I didn't know anything about Blog Critic.

So I was reading the bios on Blog Critic and noticed a Philip Winn listed as Chief Geek, and I thought, "That sounds like something Philip Winn would say." And I saw him two days later at a party. And I asked him if he was the chief geek and he said yes. And I said my friend Sarah has done some reviews. And he said Sarah who, and I said Sarah C. Culver, and he said, Oh yes, I remember some of her reviews - she's very good. And he said he would try to get you some special treatment, if you would like it. And he re-verified "Sarah C. Culver? OK," at the end of the party.

Just to let you know. :O)

deanna said...

Your post is rather poetic, very nice, and the pictures are lovely! I'm glad you feel free to settle in a while longer, and happy for you as a happy couple. I just got away with my guy for a few days. After 30 years the time was more special than ever. Stuff to look forward to...:o)