Friday, July 3, 2009

Vacay - The Result

Home now. Eleven days held almost more vacation than we could handle and we're still sleeping ten hour nights in recovery. I know how much fun I had by the lack of pictures. Here are all six (only showing a fraction of the people we saw and things we did).

We hung out with tons of cousins on both sides. We love how our cousins remain some of our closest friends as we grow older - our lives, goals, and interests still seem to match and intersect.

We stopped in for a quick cocktail at the Hotel Lucia where we spent our wedding night so I had to take a picture in remembrance.

My brother in law Daniel just moved into a concrete dome in the Oregon hills, everyone appropriately calls it 'The Hobbit Hole'. He'd been telling us about his 'dome' but we had no idea how awesome it was until we saw it.

Living room with sleeping loft above and kitchen through the arch.

View from the living room - and above those windows is a rooftop porch. Head up there on a cool evening with a glass of Daniel's home-brewed Kolsch and watch the meadow views. It's absolutely perfect.

After the Eugene weekend we spent four days with Zeb's family at Black Butte Ranch. I got two pictures - tennis at twilight...

And wonderful Em reading to the freakin adorable kids.
The next weekend in Boise we said goodbye to the 'Little Wierenga's' who are moving to Illinois, we saw Joe and Lauryn get married, we stayed at my parents luxe new house, and we saw a bit of the better side of Boise. There's quite a bit more there than I remembered. It probably helps that I'm over 21 and have a driver's license.
It was wonderful and a whirlwind. We loved every minute but we're a bit glad that we're home again. I guess that's just about right.


lyssa said...

I'd be totally insulted that you didn't come visit me, but I just remembered I don't live there anymore.

Valerie said...

Oh boy, you are tired. Aren't the "Little Wierengas" moving to Iowa?

Billi London-Gray said...

I am so envious of the hobbit hole! And of anyone who gets to hang out with you guys in person. :O)

Glad it was a great vacation.

Melanie said...

Whew! I'm feelin the 'recover from vacation' thing! I'm not sure if I'm going to be ready to go again tomorrow!