Sunday, July 19, 2009

Last Weekend

I seem to be perpetually a week behind lately. A few highlights from last weekend - Val, Z and I met the Julians at the halfway point between our homes - New York City.

The point of the trip was to snag tickets to Shakespeare In The Park. This year's show was a modern Twelfth Night starring Anne Hathaway with an original score by Hem. Tickets are free for this event but that means you have to line up early, we heard around 6 am to receive tickets at 1 pm. It was closing weekend so to play it safe we woke up at 3:45, were in line by 4:30 am and we still missed it by a long shot. Around 6:30 they told us that we didn't have a chance and to go home. The first people in line had brought air mattresses and started camping out at 8 the night before. We would have gladly camped out in Central Park and saved the price of the hostel, but we did not know that was legal. Next year that'll be our tactic.

(Central Park at sunrise)

We were very disappointed, but we quickly readjusted and started on a grand tour of the city.

Meatpacking District early in the morning.

A fountain in Greenwich Village

Subway on Broadway (we saw a huge rat!)


Chelsea Market before hours.

Ground Zero

The Flat Iron Building

Unfortunately all my pictures of Mel and Brian are blurry. But they were there too, trooper traveling companions. The Maryland group had never been to NYC before - shameful, really, considering how long we've lived here and how close it is. We found the city wonderfully easy to navigate and we have never, ever met more friendly people. Every single time we stopped to pull out a map at least one, maybe two people would stop and ask if they could help us find something. Every single time. We walked until our feet were so sore we wanted to cry, and we think we saw about half of Manhattan. So...only nine more trips and we'll know New York, right?


Valerie said...

Okay, so I didn't realize that you were going to take a picture of me with my wings showing. That is just so embarrassing. I have tried so hard to keep that aspect of my life a secret.

sufferingsummer said...

what fantastic and fun photos! Looks like you all had a blast...I especially like Val and her wings...
I just read today that Shakespear's wife's name was Anne Hathaway...interesting she is now a lead in his play:)
sorry you missed it but definitely not a waste I'd say!

Melanie said...

Great pictures, Sarah! It's fun to look through them - although it felt like we were together most of the time, you have a couple of places I never saw. However, I too took one of those yellow tables - too attention grabbing!

Summer, it's funny you should mention Shakespeare's wife's name was Anne Hathaway - when I was trying to get information on the play using google, I typed in "Anne Hathaway" and Shakespeare, and all that came up was historical information!

deanna said...

Those are amazing pictures. I've been through NYC on a bus to somewhere else, so you're on your way in my book. It's interesting that Tim's sister, from the Bronx, is out here visiting now.

AC Fabulous said...

I have to tell you, starting when I was 16 three times a year my family and I would go to NYC and stand in line for Saturday Night Live standyby tickets... To get "real" tickets you enter a drawing that gets pulled once a year.

Starting when I was 18 one of my best girlfriends and I would stand in line at least twice a year for the same thing.

I only once got a standby ticket. We were number 9 through 13 and thought we stood a great chance. Enough people with real tickets showed up and, are you ready for this? 9 people got seated but since we were a party of 4 those with tickets 1 through 8 and #14 got to go in.


NYC was always enjoyable anyway though! Glad you had fun too.

Janelle Rispler said...

Okay, I have to comment on the pictures as well. They're great. I've been horrible about commenting for months now, partly because I'm just horrible at it and partly because I have limited internet. But every time I view your blog, I love your photos. They, and your writing, make for a very beautiful blog.

I have to say, I'm a little jealous of your weekend with the Julians in New York. How fun! Way to enjoy the non-kid years!

tacy said...

Beautiful photos, Sarah. I'm going to listen to hem and look at photos of new york, anne hathaway, parks, and shakespeare plays in your honor. And Valerie, you are hilarious. I had to look at the picture again! Should have known...

Billi London-Gray said...

Awesome, Sarah.

Redo in September? Please?

Trespasser said...

I love Valerie's blue wings. New York is quite fun to visit, but much dirtier than I expected. Friendlier, though. pories