Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Week Or Two In Pictures

The American Visionary Art Museum


Rowan Turns One

Zebulin Showing Rowan How It's Done

Ro Having None Of It

Federal Hill Park

Sonora's Favorite Game - Washing Dishes

Dinner for 13 (including the in utero Carroll Baby G. and the Shaffer Twins)

Perplexed and Horrified at The Claw (pictured above)

Baltimore's Inner Harbor

Kites On Federal Hill


meg said...

loves it.

Valerie said...

Um, glam shots. The Carroll, Parker, and Zebulin shots are awesome. I also love the fact that Ro is also making a face at the claw. Nice pictures.

Trespasser said...

So Zeb still is wearing my sunglasses, huh?

Melanie said...

Oooh - looks like good times with friends. Thanks for sharing!

JShaffer said...

Beautiful pics, we are so thrilled to be included! Not that we're beautiful, just that your mad picture taking skills make everyone look good!