Saturday, March 7, 2009

The 50 States Project

I love projects like this that take the big mash-mash of being American and break it down. I'm constantly amazed that under one nationality life and people are so different coast to coast. Fifty photographers in fifty states, four projects stretched out over year. The first assignment - People - just went up. The ones that hit me hardest were, of course, the states I have lived in.



I did not understand how Maryland's  captured the essence of this great state I live in now. I feel misrepresented. 

Other favorites:




Trespasser said...

Kansas is more feels more Idaho to me. Maybe because that girl looks exactly like Joy Welker. aphitch

Valerie said...

You're right... those are quite something. And you're also right that Maryland's seems kinda stupid.
And Jem- plchsh

Valerie said...

I also just must say that as much as I love the Kansas one (and I really do love it), it kinda grosses me out that she's putting a bill in her mouth. Does she know where that's been or who have touched it?