Saturday, October 11, 2008

Quite a Show

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of seeing Dana Fuchs in concert. Did you see the Beatles' musical 'Across the Universe?' It was OK, as a movie, the connections were a bit of a stretch. However, the interpretation of the Beatles' songs? Brilliant. Bono singing 'I am the walrus...' and Eddie Izzard as Mr. Kite. Then there was Dana Fuchs. She was by far the strongest character, though she was a supporting character, in the movie. She was a strong, voluptuous, outspoken women who simultaneously defined, mothered and challenged the other characters. When I saw that this presence was coming to our sleepy little sailing town I signed up immediately. I didn't know anything about her, aside from the movie, but I figured unless they completely fabricated her voice in the movie, she'd be worth hearing. And she was. Her songwriting was a mixture of cliche and incredibly original folk/rock, but her voice was gripping. In a mesmorizing way. This girl is intense. She sings most songs at a 90 degree angle to the stage, bent over backwards screaming out throaty yet high notes with her long curly copper hair swinging and flying through the spotlight. Watch for thirty seconds and you'll get the picture. And see her if you ever get a chance.


Axon said...

I believe Janis Joplin came first....ask Zeb (she's pre 1989)

Dad said...

That video was so powerful it fried my internet connection...I had to re-boot. No kidding.
Axon's right, Dana, at least with that song, sounds (and even looks) A LOT like Janis Joplin...whom I happen to have on my iPod (trying desperately here to impress). But then she was gone before any of you were even born (trying desperately here not to feel as old as I really am).

Valerie said...

Didn't she do this song in response to someone in the audience shouting out "Janis Joplin" at the concert here in Naptown?
This woman had presence like no live performer I've seen before, and I was stunned with how strong she was in being able to hold up all that hair when she was leaning over backwards like that.
Don't worry dad... you're cool simply because you knew who Bob Dylan was before we were even born!

Mm said...

Now we are on to music? Could we go back to talking about bangs? Occasionally Janis Joplin had bangs... a little grungy and swept off tot he side, but actual bangs none the less.