Friday, October 10, 2008

Hitting Close to Home

The recurring question round the world is, 'Are you worried?' Two weeks ago we would have said no, not really. But things change so quickly. Both the boy and I work full time at real estate offices, and I pick up evening shifts at an outrageously priced restaurant. In the last week we find ourselves with reason to worry about all three jobs' security. We're not quite living on beans and rice yet, but we're certainly changing our course a bit.
There are many things I'd love for this season of my life, I'd love to be trying out new recipes on friends gathered 'round our table, I'd love to be camping, I'd love to be unaware of the time, wrapped in a scarf on the front porch drinking spiced apple cider, I'd love to lay my head down at night and feel it resting rather than spinning. But this season's gonna be, to put it quite bluntly, about the money while it can be. It will be extra shifts and long hours away from the things I love, on sore feet, feeling like some precious moments are passing me by because I just don't have the time to capture them. It will be less writing (here and elsewhere), less time with family and friends (virtual or actual), and fewer parts of me engaged with my own life. It will be me coming to terms with these things and trying not to feel guilty or fragmented. And then come January I expect I'll be working very little. Though that won't be by choice, it will be nice and I will feel that I have earned it. I'll spend my long hours on the couch instead of my feet, and I'll read and write again, and I'll call y'all and maybe even write you a letter. We still plan to set up house in Philadelphia in the near future; we might actually move on up a little sooner than we'd thought. All of those details will begin to order themselves around the end of the year, we hope.
Because I'm deciding to see this not as bad thing, just a rearranging (less time now so that there will be more time later) I'm OK with it, I just wanted to let you know. Nearly on the topic, here's a tidbit from The Onion that made us lol this week.


Valerie said...

I love the deck-building budget to increase property value, and the printing and sending a copy of the budget plan to every American.

Mm said...

Yes, Valerie, funny but TRUE. Before the stimulus checks went out last spring we all got a letter announcing that we MIGHT be eligible for a stimulus check. Since you were in Germany you probably did not have that valuable information forwarded. At least it stimulated some humor in the onion.