Sunday, February 10, 2008

Christmas in February

I have, like, 30 cousins. Yet somehow Jonathan gets my name for Christmas about 28 out of 30 times (is there some rigging going on here?) This I am thrilled about because he knows how to buy a girl gifts (is this how he snagged a hot wife who looks like Jane Seymour?) Jon bought me my first perfume, Night Musk, at age 10. And Jon bought me my first serious jewelry, an 18 kt gold cross necklace, at age 11. And in the last 5 years Jon was the first to recognize how completely anything from Anthropologie will make me both short of breath and teary - in a good way. At first he supplied me with gift cards then we all got with it and discovered The Anthropologie Wish List. Which is the greatest thing ever invented and to it I owe a multitude of fantastic wedding gifts. Again Jon had my name for Christmas this year and yesterday (Anthropologie was a little backed up) I came home to find the one thing I have lamented that my kitchen still lacked - an apron. It's red, it's ruffly, it's a little dress specially for the kitchen and it absolutely made my day. Thank you dear cuz!


JShaffer said...

Dear Sarah,
I got a little short of breath and teary reading that you think I look like Jane Seymour! Currently I am wearing a sweatshirt that smells like baby spit up with several orange spots on it because Sonora just starting eating mushed carrots this week. While I wouldn't have life any other way, it is thrilling to see the adjective "hot" used in conjunction with my name! I'm so glad that your apron finally came in, it looks fabulous on you. I didn't know what Christmas gift Jon chose for you until the deed was done, I agree, he did a great job! You both have exquisite taste. Love, Lisa

Valerie said...

In this case I have no objection to saying that you look really hot in an apron (as that phrase is generally reserved for sexist males). Oh, and I like the new glasses.

Jon said...

I am so glad that you like the apron! The pictures make me feel like I was there when you opened it. What a treat to get a thank you note in a blog - only in 2008 right. :) I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog.

Uncle Tim said...

I'm with Val - nice glasses. And we love hearing that baby talk, even if it involves mushed carrots.