Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Middle East Peace Talks

This morning Zeb made lattes for the Israeli secret service. Together with US security there were about thirty guns in Starbucks and a reporter to cover each one. I awoke to the sound of Marine One landing across the street with the President on board. I walked out onto my porch and this is what I saw. These men look scary but are very nice and since we've chatted they let me pass up and down my street whenever I want. The rest of the neighbors get stopped and asked for ID when they try to leave or come home. I'm thinking of selling my living room window to a reporter for a few hours, it's a fine view. There are five security agents in this picture, can you find them all? Living here still amazes me.


Mm said...

Depending on the outcome of the meetings this might rival your great grandma hearing the shot that killed Pres McKinley in the auuals of family history! What an adventure you are on living there.

Valerie said...

Yeah, you might make it into the auuals of our family! Congrats! That, and you should totally rent out your living room, then you can give yourself that trip to Paris with your husband.