Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Solstice

It's hard to know what to blog without referencing the photography explosion that has taken over my little world. I thought summer would bring reading in the sun on the lawn and a re-do of the dining room and grinding my own flour and porch dinners with friends, but instead it's brought jobs, a different kind of blessing. In the last six weeks I've shot seven weddings as well as numerous other projects for The Sound in addition to my day job which I don't like to speak of. I don't want this blog to turn into a catalog of photography jobs, yet that's about all I have to show for myself right now. Another blog is in the works dedicated to photography work (though I might still show a few of my favorites here) but even though photography as a job depends on personal investment I want to figure out some boundaries, especially among my blogs. For now the personal is on hold a bit while I'm lucky enough to be working my tail off.
This weekend the boy and I are combining a wedding with a little second honeymoon of our own at a cabin in the Ohio hills. After I download the the photos I'm going to try to keep the computer off and spend a few days at a more quiet pace before diving back into July. I'm tired but it's good, it will all even out eventually so I'm trying to be as grateful for the busy as I will be someday for a lack of work if that's what life brings.


Melanie said...

Lovely picture, and I also like the one of your tutor. But I'm glad to hear this isn't going to turn into a photography blog (although that would be better than it turning into a dead blog ... like some of ours, ahem.)
Hope you have/had a great trip!

Billi London-Gray said...

Get some rest! Hope it's relaxing. :O)

K.A. Mohr said...

Congrats on all the work Sarah. Your photos are wonderful, I can see why you are so busy!