Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Update: Holiday Season

I promised all these updates and pictures and then, like everyone else I know, I got swallowed by the Christmas season. In the last week alone we have been to D.C. three full days and Baltimore one (yes we skipped a day of work).

We have enjoyed the company of three different sets of out of town friends, with three more to come in the next two weeks, and we've done the usual round of festivities such as the annual Lights on the Bay (lots of sailboats decorated with lots of lights making loops round the Chesapeake), office Christmas parties, and Gl├╝hwein while tree decorating.

And there's been day after day of surprisingly delicious Kale Apple Soup ( seen here with TJ's Sweet Apple Sausages-oh so yumm).

There are a few pictures after all to show what we've been up to. I still have grand hopes of using this holiday weekend to catch you up on all the other interesting happenings but we'll see about that after a few rounds of ribeye and homemade egg nog.

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