Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Birth, Marriage, and Death

You could say this week was significant. I entered my late twenties, the boy and I entered our second year of marriage, and his dear grandfather passed away. To celebrate the first we spent a lovely day in Virginia wine country, to celebrate the second we dined at a top-notch local steakhouse (courtesy of our landlord who shoved a large gift certificate under our front mat this week), and to celebrate Grandpa Scevers life we'll be in Oregon this weekend. Thanks to all of you for your comments, emails, texts and phone calls for each of these events.


Valerie said...

I cannot at the moment find proper words, so I will merely send you my love.

JShaffer said...

We are so sorry to hear about Zeb's Grandfather. You put it so aptly, you are going to celebrate his life - you are in our thoughts and prayers. Happy birthday, sweet Sarah and happy anniversary to you both, we love you!

Everett said...

We are very sad to hear your news. Please say hello to our friends in Oregon.