Monday, April 7, 2008


This makes me oh so nostalgic for the purple librarian lady who inspired awe in my eight year old eyes. For the dual reasons that she was a librarian and that she was so committed to her color she even dyed her hair purple. If I had to choose just one color it might be safari green. But if I got to choose two it'd be black and red. And if I got three...nevermind, speculating on trichrome is no fun.


Valerie said...

I remember her. I had forgotten all about her until you mentioned it, but now I remember her. She was amazing because no one in the area had brightly dyed hair, and especially not an old woman (as she appeared to me in my youth).

Mm said...

Old... hmmmm...she was 40 maybe.

Anonymous said...

Sarah! I do realize this is an older post but I just found your blog via FB and could not be more delighted! My dear friend! What a joy to read of your happenings.

Furthermore, I recall the purple-hued librarian as well! Like Valerie, I have not thought of her in years. And I loved the "old...hmmm.. she was 40 maybe" comment! Exactly right. The perspective certainly does change as one joins the ranks (namely, myself).

I am so pleased to have found you!