Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Way Too Excited About Our Christmas Tree

It seems like such a big step, like owning your first car, or inviting another couple over for your first stab at entertaining, or buying life insurance. It's not a little table-top Christmas tree to get by until we get to mom and dad's where there's a real one, it's large and sappy and it makes this little third story flat feel like a legitimate household, and me feel like a legitimate adult with responsibilities, like, say, watering the tree every few days.
I'm pretty proud of the decorations. They all, in total, cost $10 from the Dollar Tree. They only go half way around the tree but really, if I hadn't told you you'd never know. Who snoops around the back of a Christmas tree anyway?
Josiah (or was that Natalie and Joanna?) and mom have asked for pictures of the apartment, my excuse for taking a few too many pictures of the Christmas tree is that I need it from every angle to give you more views of the room. When the dining room, bedroom, and kitchen get anything near as cool as a Christmas tree I'll take pictures of them too.

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Mm said...

I remember our first Christmas tree. We were both in grad school and very poor... there were no dollar stores and trees in the Bay Area where we lived were upwards of $20 minimum. We had no ornaments so we decided to have a holiday party and ask everyone bring an ornament... for the $5 split leaf philodendron we found at the grocery store... but we invited too late and no one was able to come. We did aquire a plastic ornament from a happy meal, fairly elegant as it was a plastic replica of a clear crystal rectangle depicting a scene from A Christmas Carol (in relief.) At least it was memorable if not warm and fragrant! Yours was much lovelier.